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The Problem

Consultancies have historically been very rigid in their offerings and are usually comprised of subject matter experts in one narrow area. This limits the work that can be carried out by these consultancies meaning that businesses must engage with multiple consultancies for different areas of the business.

Having to juggle these separate entities creates a lack of synergy and communication on projects. This is not only seriously frustrating for clients, but inefficient from both a time and cost perspective.

The sheer lack of consultancies that truly operate in an agile way is also very limiting when choosing a consultancy, even more so when there are multiple consultancies, working concurrently, on separate but adjoining or interconnecting projects.





IT & Business Consultancy in Europe and Africa

The Solution

Ingenium is unique in that our c-level board is made up of subject matter experts across business, technology, operations and recruitment. This dynamic team all work using the same style of agile methodology and can therefore work in union with each other across divisions concurrently.

This not only saves on costs and increases customer experience but also drastically reduces the timing on projects through to a successful delivery. We even have an equity option which allows pre-revenue start-ups to make use of our services, although we are extremely selective about the projects that we take on in this capacity.

For more information about utilising our IT and business consultancy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Ingenium Consultancy Services.




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Meet The Team



Jeff Crudgington/CEO

Jeff is a recruitment entrepreneur with a passion for automation. His substantial experience in the recruitment sector means he has produced great results at blue-chip organisations such as Reed and Hays. His last five years have been focused on advising and recruiting for recruitment companies, supplying them with strategy and with recruitment consultants. This work has given him an invaluable oversight of the recruitment industry as a whole, which he has now chosen to use to completely level up the industry by enhancing performance through the use of technology.


Tony Hodges/CTO

Tony Hodges is an entrepreneurial, pioneering technologist. He identifies, qualifies, builds consensus for and implements systems to help businesses like HSBC, Credit Suisse, Bank of America, JP Morgan and Barclays reach their objectives. His advice has increasingly encompassed IT infrastructure, including AI, digital platforms and cloud services. Tony is now considered an industry leader in game-changing, disruptive technologies for digital platforms.


Liam Hodges/COO

Liam Hodges is an entrepreneur with a very successful track record in derivatives trading and more recently as the top sales executive for a large corporate based in the Middle East, having been responsible for gross sales of over US$1billion. Liam has a reputation for building solid teams that are focused, goal driven and highly motivated. His role has covered operational management, financial and resource planning for major corporates in the United Kingdom, Middle East and Africa









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