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Major Projects In-Flight



Cloud Based Digital Bank

We are in the midst of creating a new digital bank for a country in Africa. The client has no brick and mortar branches but requires an application that provides full banking facilities such as international payments, direct debits and standing orders. The application incorporates data analytics to enhance the customer experience and ensure low friction engagement.

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  • FX, mobile wallet and social media capabilities
  • Omni channel and ubiquitous banking
  • Debit card and credit card functionality

  • Facial recognition, voice recognition and smart glasses functionality
  • Scalable in real time in the digital sphere
  • Responsible banking advice through AI

  • Highly secure cybersecurity.
  • Complete block chain support.
  • Positive customer experience and feedback.
  • Operational 24/7 with 99.99% uptime.




SwishPro - Game Changing Recruitment Platform

We are currently working with SwishPro on an innovative new platform that transforms the recruitment process and empowers employers.
The application improves and enhances every stage of recruitment from the initial selection process all the way through to the closing interviews.
The SwishPro platform is a cutting edge alternative to current recruitment tools which are slow and cumbersome.


  • A fully autonomous AI enabled end-to-end platform that searches and pre-screens candidates, arranges interviews and onboards.
  • Robust middleware uses API and micro services for third party interfacing.
  • Light touch and easy to use.


  • Recruitment spend dramatically decreases.
  • Reduces time and strain by streamlining the recruitment process.





 Case Studies



  • Ingenium provided principal advisory and delivery consultancy services for an end-to-end technology and business transformation programme for one of the biggest banks in the world which had recently been levied with a fine of USD$1.9 billion and a deferred prosecution agreement with the US department of justice. Our digital banking consultants built a system that was deployed to 54 countries around the world as a joint venture between commercial banking and retail banking and wealth.
  • As principal advisors and delivery consultants we provided support to the global head of delta one and flow trading in global markets for a major bank.
  • In a very complex move for an international bank, Ingenium worked as principal advisors and delivery consultants for the movement of derivative positions from a Singaporean legal entity to a Hong Kong legal entity.
  • As delivery consultants for one of the biggest banks in the world we provided surveillance, customer intelligence, customer experience and sales development services. We enhanced a range of functions including cloud, AI, high performance throughput, big data, advanced reporting and analytics and triggers.
  • As lead consultant in the merger of two banks in Europe, we supported the integration of disparate systems.
  • Ingenium worked as lead consultants overseeing testing services for a major high street bank. Our team assisted in the integration of full automation and the introduction of test-driven development to expedite the delivery process.

From the C-suite to the front line, we partner with our clients to transform their organisations in the ways that matter most to them. 





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